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Wonderful Whiskies

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Dimensions : 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 3.0 cm

Pages: 384

In his second book for the connoisseur of whiskies and spirits, whisky expert and enthusiast Fernand Daquin has gathered 43 amusing, surprising, and memorable anecdotes about the most beautiful and luxurious bottles of whiskey he has encountered. For almost 40 years, he has been travelling through this wonderful whisky world, in search of the most striking stories and images. At close to 400 pages, with enticing illustrations, he shares these stories in his own engaging style, offering the ideal entertainment for the reader with a glass of whisky in hand. AUTHOR: Fernand Dacquin travelled around the world as a journalist specialising in tourism and spirits. He visited Scotland, the cradle of whisky, hundreds of times and drew inspiration from all those trips for publications about whiskey in newspapers and magazines in Flanders and the Netherlands. In 2011, he became Keeper of the Quaich, an honour usually reserved for those in the whisky industry itself. He is co-organiser of the International Malt Whisky Festival Ghent and also participates in the festival in The Hague. For his contribution to promoting and disseminating Scottish culture, he was inducted into the Royal Celtic Society in 2017, founded in 1820 by Sir Walter Scott.

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